Notes for Stage 2 Applicants

Before Starting the Application

Please read this document carefully before completing the Stage 2 Application Form for a grant from The Research Foundation.

Whilst we operate an electronic submission system, it is still recommended that all Stage 2 applicants use the list below to ensure that all information relevant to their application has been read and/or submitted as appropriate. This will give all individuals the best chance of success at this stage.

Form/Document Action from Applicants

The Foundation’s research objectives - Re-read and ensure project fits with remit.

Grants Awards Summary - Read and remain aware of which grant you are applying for.

Terms and Conditions of Grant - All terms and conditions need to be checked at both stages.

Notes for Stage 2 Applicants - Notes for applicants should be read thoroughly and will help ensure applications are successfully submitted.

Completing the Online Application Form

When filling in our online application form, please take care to ensure that the information provided fits into the allocated box, and that you adhere to word limits where appropriate. This is to ensure that pages of the form do not overrun.

Some sections are mandatory and in this case you will not be able to proceed to the next section of the site without their completion. The online form will warn you which field you have missed.

If there are more than 5 co-applicants please contact us and we will provide an alternative method of submitting additional co-applicant details. If you have more than 3 additional staff members whose salary will be included in the total of the project, we can also send you a Staffing Costs Continuation Form.

Once you have completed your form, your application will be given a unique reference number. This will be different to the reference number you received for your Stage 1 application. It is important that you note this in your records and ensure that all correspondence with the Foundation includes your Stage 2 reference number.