Research Priorities

Research Priorities 2018/19

The Abbeyfield Research Foundation will support research that:

1. Provides and/or implements evidence underpinning supported housing and care delivery.

2. Effectively crosses boundaries between organisations, services and professions

The following identified research priorities for the 2018/19 round are provided as a clear steer for potential applicants.

The assessment of need

1. Evidence and initiatives that promote and model equality of access to supported housing and care.

2. The impact of geographic and socioeconomic variation on housing need and care provision.

Quality and innovation in supported housing and care provision

1. Initiatives that model and promote genuinely integrated provision of social and health care

2. Promotion and management of mental health and wellbeing – including in particular (i) elements other than dementia (e.g. depression); (ii) management of conditions (mental and physical) overlapping with dementia

3. Measures to prevent the progression of disability

4. The prevention and management of falls and fractures

5. The delineation of necessary attitudes and skills in the recruitment and training of staff.

6. The roles of volunteers

7. Innovation and its supporting principles in the built environment

8. Achievement of the above in the context of sheltered and independent housing.

9. Systematic and critical evaluation of the role (or not) of new technologies, including information technologies to promote the quality of life and care in community settings