Research Priorities

Research Priorities

The following currently identified research priorities are provided as a steer for potential applicants, but they are not intended to be taken as either exclusive or exhaustive.

The Abbeyfield Research Foundation is particularly keen to support research that effectively crosses boundaries between organisations, services and professions in the provision of "joined up" care.

1. Progress and quality in the care and support of residents with dementia

Including, for example:

Measures to promote maintenance and development of existing and new personal relationships and of individual autonomy

Interaction with the natural and outdoor world

The involvement of family and informal carers and volunteers

2. The assessment of need, and of response to care

The impact of geographic and socioeconomic variation on care need and provision.

The identification and development of a reliable minimum dataset for the measurement of change in the status (physical, mental, functional and emotional) of residents

Provision of domiciliary support.

Meeting the spiritual needs of older residents, for example:

The contribution of the built environment to the relational and spiritual wellbeing of residents and staff
The delineation of necessary attitudes and skills in the recruitment and training of staff.

3. Quality and innovation in care provision

Measures to prevent the progression of disability in care settings

The prevention and management of falls and fractures in care settings

The roles of volunteers in care settings

The identification and evaluation of pastoral roles, traditional or otherwise

Measures to assess or ensure optimal hydration and nutrition in care home residents

Systematic and critical evaluation of the role (or not) of new technologies, including information technologies, in the delivery and quality of care.