Types of Grants

The Abbeyfield Research Foundation’s main current initiative is to commit to the funding of an annual research grant programme in which the following three types of grant are envisaged:

1. PhD Studentships

Applications are sought from prospective supervisors in institutions providing graduate training programmes for grants providing stipendiary funding for the student, university bench fees and project running costs. Level of award at current costings typically around £20-30k per year over 3 years

2. Small project grants

Grants in this category will cover applicant salary, running costs and possibly items of essential equipment. Award typically up to £50k per year over 2 years

3. Pump-priming grants

Grants in this category will cover preliminary evaluation of an innovative concept over a maximum 12-month period to underpin a subsequent more substantial application for research funding. Level of award typically up to £20k on a one-off basis