Our Values

Our values are reflected not only in the work that we do and the projects we fund, but they also form an overarching thread that links us to our sister charity, The Abbeyfield Society. We are dedicated to aligning our research priorities with the excellent work that The Abbeyfield Society does in supporting the lives of older people throughout the UK so that we can implement new and better ways of supporting older people both in Abbeyfield houses and homes and beyond.


We want to work in harmony with older people, their families and caring staff to ensure that the research we fund is relevant and meaningful. We also seek to encourage partnerships and collaborative working where possible so that we can deliver the maximum impact to the widest audience.


Sharing the findings of our research as widely as possible is key to improving life for older people. We advocate an open-access policy so that everyone can view the outputs from the work we’ve funded and benefit from it. We are also inclusive in our approach, seeking to fund projects that cover a range of areas including physical, spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing.


We seek to fund innovative research that is valued by older people because it directly and demonstrably improves aspects of their lives. We operate a robust assessment process for all of our research applicants to ensure that only the best-quality projects are funded, and we regularly review our research priorities and processes to ensure we continue to make a positive impact in all that we do.