Strategic Objectives

As part of its commitment to the delivery and further development of sustainable quality for all in receipt of its services and for the wider sector as a whole, The Abbeyfield Research Foundation has established an innovation and research initiative with the following core objectives:

  • To identify and achieve measures of efficacy and quality in the field based on the best available evidence, and reflecting its ethos to provide care for the whole person – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • To identify and develop more robust, innovative, and evidence-based measures of need (as distinct from solely demand) for services providing care and support to older people.
  • To enable on-going innovation and achievement in the field to be described, evaluated, benchmarked and published.
  • To enable timely response to change, especially organisational change, in the care environment, and so ensure that patterns of care delivery do not become outdated.
  • To promote the necessary effective partnership and cross-disciplinary working with all other relevant agencies (including health, social and spiritual provision) in keeping with the ethos of integration within local communities.

The Abbeyfield Research Foundation recognises the accepted necessary domains of evidence associated with the on-going promotion and monitoring of quality – namely structure, activity (process) and outcome, and seeks to support the acquisition of evidence in all three of these in the pursuit of a firm basis for current and future quality standards.