The following frequently asked questions relate mainly to the online application form process. Please contact us if you need any more information.

Is it compulsory to make an application through the Abbeyfield Research Foundation's online forms?
No, but it should always be used if possible. Although this method is usually easiest for both the applicant and our administration team, applications can also be requested in paper form for those who cannot access the online versions. Please contact us for further advice.

Does the word limit of my application form include characters?
Yes, the system does count characters (e.g. commas) or symbols as part of the word count. For most text boxes, there is a word counter to give you an indication of the number of words entered.

What forms are not available through the online application system?
If there are more than five co-applicants please contact us and we will provide you with an alternative method for submitting additional co-applicant information. If you have more than three additional staff members whose salary will be included in the total of the project, we can also send you a Staffing Costs Continuation Form.

Can I submit a joint application?
Yes, but one individual will need to take responsibility to be the primary applicant. They will then be given the opportunity to add co-applicants to their information. If you would like more information, please contact us.

How long is the online application process likely to take me?
The Stage 1 application form will usually take about an hour to fill in if all information is to hand. However, supporting documents such as applicant CVs that need to be uploaded may increase the time it takes to complete a high quality application.

After I have completed the online form, what next?
After submission, you will receive an automated email confirming we have the application and information about when you will be contacted by us. The ‘Timeline for Applications’ section includes more information about when applications at each stage will be assessed.

Do I need to submit a signed copy of the application form as well as the online version?
No, we do not require a paper copy in either stage of the process.

How do I edit my application?
When you register to start your application form, you will be given a username and password. Once you have started to complete an application form at either stage, you can save and exit the online system at any time to return at a later date.

How do I find my unique reference number?
You will receive an email after submission that will include a unique reference number for your application. It should be used in all correspondence with the Foundation. Please note: for applicants who proceed to Stage 2, you will be given another reference number that will be different from your Stage 1 number.

Is there any way I can look at the questions before beginning my online form?
Yes. If go to the log in page to begin your application there is a link at the bottom that allows applicants to view all the required data categories before starting.

Does Abbeyfield fund research that uses animals?
Abbeyfield does not currently fund research using animals, and supports the following position in relation to this issue: Abbeyfield AMRC statement.